Our History

Goldie Mohr’s Legacy Live On

In 1960, Goldie Mohr gave up working for other local contractors and went into business for himself…


Our history

In 1960, at a tender young age, Goldie Mohr bought his first truck (a 1958 Ford) after a career working with Thomas G. Fuller and other local contractors. He set out on his own with the hopes of getting to play in the sand with his own big play toys. Goldie would work as an owner operator hauling whatever payload he could get. In the winter months, it was logs up north, in the spring and summer it was aggregates and asphalt, and in the fall it was road salt. With a backhoe and a dump truck and lots of hard work, Goldie began helping people build their dreams: homes, cottages, businesses, churches, farms and roads.

In 1966, Goldie married Mary Murphy and together became a business team growing a successful enterprise. Their daughter, Debbie was born a few years later. Mary and Debbie were the official business managers / parts and tire purchasers. The folks at Frisby Tire and Malmberg Truck Center often recall Debbie sitting up on the counter. Goldie and Mary built this company into a very viable, respected corporation.

Soon the area serviced grew and eventually, so did the fleet of equipment, trucks and employees at Goldie Mohr Ltd. The scope of work has evolved to include site preparation, custom trucking, float service, topsoil manufacture and winter maintenance. We are a heavy civil construction company. As of 1996, the company is operated as a tribute to our founders by Deborah Mohr-Caldwell as Director- Vice President and Ann McKenna as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Located in Fallowfield, a hamlet of Nepean / Ottawa, the signature blue trucks with the golden horseshoe on the door are now quite familiar sights throughout eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.


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