After 50 years,Goldie Mohr Ltd. continues in the best traditions of its founder

Honesty, respect and trustworthiness were three qualities that Goldie Mohr brought to every job he worked on. Today, his daughter Deborah and the rest of the company’s management team do everything they possibly can to ensure Goldie’s legacy endures.

“We try to do things in a way that Goldie would be proud of us.”
Deborah Mohr-Caldwell, owner and vice-president of Goldie Mohr Ltd. tells me
this as we conclude our discussion about the company’s 50th anniversary. It’s a
Wednesday morning in August and Deborah is pulling double duty as dispatcher and company executive. Summer holidays have left the front office staff lean and Deborah pitches in to ensure contracts are filled, orders delivered and customers satisfied.

As she answers phone calls from customers and pages from colleagues in rapid
succession, it becomes apparent that Deborah is cut from the same cloth as many of her—older—peers: people from a generation gone by. She knows each customer by their first names and ends each call with a promise to deliver by a specified time.

From her tone, her mannerisms and her actions, she expresses genuine concern that her customers are served well enough to maintain their bottom lines. As she continues to offer that level of service, she knows that her company, in turn, will endure.

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