NCHCA Builds new Strategic Plan

At its annual general meeting on April 6, the National Capital Heavy Construction Association (NCHCA) unveiled its draft strategic plan. The document, which should be finalized this month, describes a new mission for the NCHCA and sets out discrete objectives that will guide the association’s activities throughout the next five years. “We wanted the document to help us answer three important questions,” says incoming president Deborah Mohr-Caldwell. “One, where are we now? Two, where do we want to be? Three, how will we get to where we want to be?”

In revising its mission statement, the association expanded its role from simply representing member firms to promoting the role of the industry in the construction and maintenance of sustainable infrastructure. Of this expanded approach, Mohr-Caldwell says that the association wants to do more to help all levels of government understand that repairing existing road and sewer infrastructure is as important—if not more so—as building new assets.

“The infrastructure stimulus program was important to this industry and to our members in particular,” she says. “But governments need to be aware that these kinds of funding programs must continue and even grow. When two watermains under Hunt Club Road fail in the span of a year, I can’t help but feel that infrastructure repair and maintenance is sometimes overlooked.”

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