2018 Bilberry Creek Offsetting Habitat

The City of Ottawa Bilberry Creek project is a modification for following instream restoration opportunities / fish habitat enhancement. The above mentioned project includes excavating for a pond that will … Read more

2018 City of Ottawa Rehabilitation of Petrie Island Culverts

Rehabilitation of Petrie Island Culverts consist of removing existing culverts, placing tremie concrete, Installing polymer laminated steel plates, placing granulars as per D-029, place distribution slab and fine grade.  

2018 McLachlan Road McNab Braeside

McLachlan Road rehabilitation and reconstruction of approximately 3.3km on McLachlan Road and approximately 0.5km on McLeod Road in Township of McNab Braeside. The work also included ditch grading and the … Read more

2018 Ministry of Transportation of Ontario Projects

Hwy 60 Browns Creek Culvert replacement required Goldie Mohr Ltd to install temporary flow bypass system and divert water flow, dewater and excavate, remove existing 2450mm CSP culvert, place granular … Read more

2018 City of Ottawa Culverts

All City of Ottawa Culvert Replacement Program required Goldie Mohr Ltd to apply our approved dewater plan / erosion and sediment control plan as per MOECC regulations 63/16. Specific tasks … Read more

2018 Culvert Projects

Goldie Mohr Ltd completed various culvert replacements including 6 East Culverts project, CWWE  project and west Ottawa project.

2017 Culvert Repairs and Replacement

Goldie Mohr had a big year of culverts in 2017, check out the gallery for just a few of our successful projects!

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