LCBO – Colonnade Drive

Site services, excavation & backfill, curbs and asphalt.

Francis Properties – Dunrobin Road

Removals of existing footings, hoist columns and oil tank.

Provided excavation and backfill for new building.

University of Ottawa – Parking Lot R Reconstruction

Complete reconstruction of existing parking lot including curb and landscaping.

Berrigan Drive and Longfield Drive Roundabout

Intersection modifications. Transformed a 4 way intersection to a roundabout.

Provence Avenue Reconstruction

Install sewer, water, roads, curbs, sidewalks, etc.

Construction of Southwest Transitway Tunnel Portal

Excavation, ventilation and fencing.

Campbell Drive Culvert

Replace existing culverts and resurface existing road.

Hunt Club Noise Wall

Project involves construction of approximately 3.6km of new noise barrier along Hunt Club Road.

Flewellyn Road Bridge Renewal

Replace existing culvert, resurface existing road and landscaping

Construction of Conley Road Bridge

Replace existing culvert, resurface existing road and landscaping.

Lawrence Street and Stone School Road Culvert Replacements

Replace existing culverts, resurface existing road and landscaping.

French Catholic School Kanata Lakes – Ed. Brunet & Assoc.

Excavation and backfill.

Michaelle Jean Elementary School – Barrhaven

Excavation and backfill.

Walmart – Innes Road

Excavation and backfill.

Best Buy – Kanata Centrum

Excavation and backfill.

Hockey Life – Kanata Centrum

Excavation and backfill.

Hockey Life – Kanata Centrum

Excavation and backfill.

Play-it-again Sports – Terry Fox Drive North

Excavation and backfill.

Play-it-again Sports – Terry Fox Drive North

Excavation and backfill.

West – Murphy, Herzberg, Donnelly Roads

Road Construction – small culverts.

Richmond Road Widening

Road Construction.

Osgoode Link Trail, Osgoode to Leitrim

Road Construction.

Fallowfield Transitway @ Woodroffe

Road Construction.

Nicolls Island Road Rehabilitation (Barnsdale @ Cecil Mowat)

Road Construction.

Cambridge Street Reconstruction

Road Construction.

Wilhaven Subdivision

Road Construction.

CFS Leitrim Tile Drain

Heavy Civil Construction.

French Catholic School Kanata Lakes

Heavy Civil Construction.

DCC CFS Leitrim Parking Lot

Heavy Civil Construction.

MTO Kanata Parking Lot Reconstruction, Terry Fox Patrol Yard

Heavy Civil Construction

Articulated Bus Facility

Heavy Civil Construction.

Trail Road Storm Water Management

Heavy Civil Construction.

Munster Pumping Station Lagoon Rehab

Heavy Civil Construction.

Chapman Mills Catholic Elementary School

Heavy Civil Construction.

Connaught Rile Range Safety Berm

Heavy Civil Construction

Access Lane LCBO

Heavy Civil Construction

Skyline Landscape Project

Heavy Civil Construction.

March Road Plaza Trinity – Tweedale Sewer & Water

Nicolls Island Road Rehabilitation

Environmental Project

Petrie Island Park Development

Environmental Project

Bonnechere Airport Environmental Decomm

Environmental Project.

Lebreton Flats – Contaminated Excn & Haulage

Environmental Project.

Braeside Waste Disposal Site Clean Up

Clean up and grubbing of the Waste Site in Braeside (Renfrew County) for site expansion. 

Russell Road Culvert Upgrade and Replacement

Replacement of the culvert on Russell Road, including ditch grading, and tie in with existing storm system. 

Metcalfe Subdivision Storm Pond

Excavation and grading of a new storm retention pond to serve the new development in Metcalfe.

Bilberry Creek Slope Repair and Retention

Repair of the slope on the edge of Bilberry Creek that had eroded over time, including erosion control measures. 

2017 Culvert Repairs and Replacement

Goldie Mohr had a big year of culverts in 2017, check out the gallery for just a few of our successful projects!

Woodvale Pentecostal Church Parking Lot

Grubbing, grading and excavation, including laying base granulars for the Woodvale Church parking lot expansion.

Carp Road Snow Dump Facility

2018 Culvert Projects

Goldie Mohr Ltd completed various culvert replacements including 6 East Culverts project, CWWE  project and west Ottawa project.

Kanata Trinity Plaza On-Site Works & Stormwater Management Pond

This project involved site servicing for multiple commercial buildings, excavation/creation of a stormwater management pond. Excavate and backfill for building foundations, construct the parking lot for the new plaza.

Siteworks & Roadway Modifications – Richmond Village Square

Install site services, including a storm water management pond and new turning lanes to provide access to the retail stores.

Walkley Armoury Parking Lot Repaving

Provided labour, material, and equipment necessary for the repaving of the parking lot at Walkley Armoury

Kanata North Elementary School

Performed site grading, building excavation, backfilling and site services

Demolition/Deconstruction of 4 East End Properties

Under direction of the NCC we decommissioned and demolished 4 properties located at various areas of the city. All materials were sorted and recycled or disposed of in the proper landfills. Each property was restored with clean backfill, topsoil and seed.

Lester Road Subdivision

Performed site grading.

Parking Lot Improvements

This project involved the complete parking lot reconstruction including the excavation, site servicing , aggregate subgrade, asphalt and landscaping.

Skyline Complex

Project involved roads & parking lot reconstruction and landscape upgrades for pedestrian safety and infrastructure sustainability.